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Greek & Roman Civilisation: Special Collections

Reference Sources

Special Collections holds the following books in series:

  • Patrologia Graeca
  • Patrologia Latina
  • Corpus Christianorum
  • Corpus scriptorum ecclesiasticorum 
  • Sources Chretiennes 
  • Irish Texts Society
  • Library of the Fathers 
  • Scriptores Latini Hiberniae
  • Studia Patristica

Special Collections also holds material on:

  • Abbreviations & Names
  • Biblica
  • Cartularies
  • Catalogues & Bibliographies
  • Dictionaries, Encyclopedia & Atlases
  • Hagiography

Modern and Pre-1850 Collections

Transmissions & Transformations of the Ancient World

This is a modern interdisciplinary collection, relating to Humanities: Classical, Medieval & Renaissance Studies, the history and development of art, philosophy, literature and history.

Green Coat School

The school started as a private foundation for the children of poor Protestant families on Cork city’s northside.  It was so called because the uniform was a green coat and cap. This school and the Cork Blue Coat School became closely linked to the city and to public charity. Both schools were vocationally oriented. The Green Coat School Collection contains 280 items with material in Latin, French and Spanish. Material in the colleciton dates from the 16th - 18th centuries. The collection contains material on political books and pamphlets, especially concerning the Catholic-Protestant relationship, items on theology, philosophy and ethics. 

Item: The meditations of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus the Roman emperor, concerning himself: Treating of a natural man's happiness: wherein it consisteth, and of the means to attain unto it. Translated out of the original Greek, with notes, by Meric Casaubon. London : Printed for A. and John Churchill [etc.], 1692

St Fin Barre's Cathedral Library

St Fin Barre's Cathedral Library was founded in 1720 by Bishop Browne and UCC Library acquired it in 1984. The bulk of the collection consists of the private collections of Archdeacon Pomeroy (1725), Bishop Crow of Cloyne (1727) and Bishop Stopford (1805).  Subjects include theology and ecclesiastical matters, classics, history, literature and science. Most of the books were printed in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, chiefly in London and Dublin. The collection contains material in French, German, Italian, Latin, Irish Gaelic, Greek, Dutch and Spanish.

Item: M. Tullii Ciceronis Orationes. Ex recensione Ioannis Georgii Graevii cum ejusdem animadversionibus, et notis integris Francisci Hottomanni, Dionysii Lambini, Fulvii Ursini, Paulli Manutii ac selectis aliorum. Ut & Q. Asconio Pediano, & anonymo scholiaste.Amstelodami: ex typographia P. & I. Blaeu. Prostant apud Ianssonio-Waesbergios, Boom, à Someren, & Goethals, 1695-99

Older Printed Books Collection

The Older Printed Books Collection contains material published before 1851 which for the most part were purchased between 1849 (when the College was founded) and 1900; some were received from institutions such as the Royal Cork Institution, the old Cork Public Library and the Royal Irish Academy. The collection contains 13,000 volumes.  The collection contains material in: French, German, Italian, Latin, Irish Gaelic, Greek, Dutch and Spanish. The majority of items date from the 18th and 19th centuries with a small portion from the 16th and 17th centuries. Subjects include: Irish, English and European history, philology, palaeography, literature, music, philosophy, natural sciences and medicine. 

Item: Aristophanis Comoediæ undecim græcè et latinè / ut et fragmenta earum quæ amissæ sunt; cum emendationibus virorum doctorum, præcipue Josephi Scaligeri, & indice parœmiarum selectiorum; accesserunt huic editioni notæ & observationes ex variis autoribus collectæ; ut et nova versio ... à Tan; fabro facta cum doctissimis ejusdem in eandem comœdiam notis. Tomi duo. Amstelædami : apud Joannem Ravesteinium, 1670.

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