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Electronic Resources @ UCC Library: Terms & Conditions of Use

Information for UCC staff and students in relation to accessing electronic resources to support their learning, teaching and research.

Terms & conditions for electronic resource usage

Copyright of resources is owned by the Publisher except as noted otherwise on individual articles.  No material from the online journals or ebooks may be substantially or systematically reproduced, re-engineered, redistributed, resold or sub-licenced in any way; no part of the journals or ebooks may be supplied or distributed to an unauthorised user.  Use of e-resources with generative artificial intelligence systems such as ChatGPT is not permitted.  Some journals and books are only available in print.

  • Electronic resources are licensed to UCC Library for the use of currently registered UCC staff and students and, only where provided for and defined by an individual licence, other authorised users.
  • Electronic resources may be used for the purposes of UCC teaching, learning, research and administration only.  They may NOT be used for commercial gain or for work undertaken by a student for the benefit of his/her employer.  This includes the employer of a student on work placement as part of a UCC course.
  • Any copyright statement, proprietary marking, or protection measure included on any copy, or copies, derived from an electronic resource must not be removed or interfered with.
  • Any copy, or copies, derived from an electronic resource must be made within the terms of the licence.  This will normally exclude the copying of the whole or substantial part of a database, journal issue or other publication.
  • Licences vary considerably as to whether distribution of smaller amounts of material in the form of print copies for classes, inclusion of local copies in Canvas, or other further distribution is allowed and this should not be done without seeking further information.  Please note: As the vast majority of our licences are not governed by Irish law, you are advised not to rely on educational exemptions under the Irish Copyright Act.
  • Most of our contracts have educational arrangements, agreed on a national basis by such bodies as IReL.
  • Contact us for more information on the licences of individual electronic resources subscribed to by UCC Library or review the Electronic Resources Guidelines.

Electronic Resources Guidelines