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Spaces & Equipment: ScanPro

Spaces & equipment available in Special Collections and Archives.

ScanPro 3000 Banner

ScanPro 3000

UCC Library Special Collections and Archives Service have acquired a ScanPro 3000 for reading, scanning, printing and converting of microfilm & microfiche items.

You will need to bring a USB drive with you to save your scans.





ScanPro 3000 Key Features

Using a ScanPro 3000

  1. Log on to the PC with your UCC credentials, and turn on the ScanPro.
  2. Load microfilm or microfiche onto a ScanPro.
  3. Insert USB key into the port.
  4. Select PowerScan3000 on the desktop and then select the matching film type.
  5. Find the page/s you want to scan by clicking and holding the direction arrow icons.
  6. Save files to the USB. Press F2 to rename files.
  7. Once the image is centred adjust the green dashed line to the edges of the page using the ‘drag points’. Whatever is inside the green dashed line is scanned.
  8. Unload the microfilm.
  9. Close the ScanPro programme & log-off.
  10. Remember to take your USB with you.  


ScanPro 'drag points'


Click for a PDF version:    Quick Guide PDF

ScanPro 3000 Un/Loading Film

Loading fillm onto a ScanPro is similar to loading onto a microfilm reader/printer:

  1. Load film onto iron nail on the left.
  2. Film goes from top to bottom under the glass and out the other side.
  3. Attach from the left into the nook on the right round holder so that it stays in place when fast-forwarding.
  4. If loading film place glass flush with the front of the machine.
  5. If loading fiche place it under the glass.
  6. Once the microfilm is loaded all controls for working it are on the PC.
  7. To unload the microfilm pull out the glass tray. Double click the rewind icon.


ScanPro 3000


ScanPro 3000: Using the Toolbar Controls

  1. Zooming in or out: On the Adjust Tab click the up or down arrow for Zoom.
  2. Back-to-front text: On the Adjust Tab click Mirror and the text is righted.
  3. Page is too dark or text is too light: On the Adjust Tab click the up or down arrows for Brightness or Contrast.
  4. White on black text: On the Adjust Tab click Film Type.
  5. To remove a photo: On Home Tab click Spot-Edit. Click the pencil tool to draw a border around the photo. To fill the square click on the white of Spot-Edit.
  6. For word search: On the Home Tab click Word Search and enter the word. The chosen word will be highlighted in green. This does not work with handwriting.
  7. More information about a term: On the Home Tab click INFO-Link. Left click over the word required. Search via Google, Wikipedia or
  8. Magnify a small part of the page: On the Home Tab click Magnifer and select the amount of magnification. A moveable blue square appears on the page with a corresponding window.
  9. Save one sheet: On the Home Tab click OCR PDF Single Page and then click Scan to Drive #1.
  10. Save multiple pages: On the Home Tab click OCR PDF Multi-Page and then click Scan to Drive #1. Move the film to the next desired page and click Add Scan. When all pages are scanned click Finish.
  11. Change screen from Portrait to Landscape: Press CTRL+ALT+Arrows: Choose the right arrow to set the orientation to landscape. Choose the up arrow to set the orientation to portrait mode.


ScanPro Menu


ScanPro magnifier


Click for a PDF version:    Full Guide PDF

Click for a PDF version:    Screen Orientation PDF

If you have questions or comments about using the ScanPro 3000, please email