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Archives Service: Copying Materials

An active collecting repository, the Library Archives Service collects and administers archival collections generated from outside UCC which complement the research and teaching needs of University College, Cork.


Reprographics includes photocopies, printouts, digital images  and scans. Reprographics may occur depending on the size, format and condition of the material. Reprographics may not be permitted if an item is too fragile or if UCC Library is not the copyright holder. 

Irish Copyright Law allows users to copy material under 'fair use.' There are certain restrictions:

  • only a reasonable portion can be copied
  • material must be for private study
  • sufficient acknowledgement must be given

Users can bring their own cameras (no flash photography is permitted) to take images of material, as permitted under Copyright Law, for purposes of private study, at no cost. Use of mobile phone and tablet cameras is permitted. A Reprographic Application form must be completed for each item copied. Staff can explain this process on the day of your visit. Consent of UCC Library is required for any other use, including publication (printed or online).

A self-service overhead scanner is available to researchers in Special Collections and Archives. Researchers are advised to bring their own USB key to save images. Please note some archival documents are outsize and cannot be captured by the scanner. In these cases it is advised to use personal cameras.  

Please seek permission from staff first before using any device to copy. 

Reprographics Application Forms

If images are taken by the user for private study/own use, then a reprographics application form needs to be completed for each item copied. The forms for private study/own use depend on the nature of the source material:

  • Unpublished Material for Research/Private Study 
  • Published Material for Research/Private Study 

If images taken by the user for publication, then a reprographics application form needs to be completed for each item copied. 

  • Reproduction for Publication

In addition if reprographics are required for publication then permission to use the material must be sought from the Archivist as UCC Library may not be the copyright holder. We can provide contact details of the material's copyright owner / legal estate, permissions will need to be cleared and granted in advance of any copying.

The forms are available from the Special Collections and Archives Desk and must be returned there upon completion. 

Citation / Referencing

If Archival material is being used in a publication then it must be cited. 

Publications include but are not limited to:

  • Blogs and websites
  • Journal articles & conference proceedings (web / hardcopy)
  • Books (web / hardcopy)
  • Audio material for example podcasts
  • Television programming
  • Presentations
  • Lectures
  • Television
  • Exhibition

The preferred method of citation is: Collection code, Item code, Box number Item's details

Example: BL/EP/G/100, Grehan Estate Papers, UCC Library Archives Service. Letter dated 21 May 1901, Box 12, Grehan Estate Papers, UCC Library Archives Service

Permission to use the material must be sought from the Library Archivist.