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Library Access: European Student Card

The Library permits access to Staff and Students of UCC. We also accept visitors from all walks of life. Please use the links below to find the most suitable access permission for your situation.

The European Student Card


European Student CardThe European Student Card, or ESC, is simply the university’s current Student ID card, with the addition of certain elements to identify it as part of the European Student Card initiative.

The ESC is an EU initiative, funded by the EU Commission, and its aim is to ease the mobility of students between Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Europe.

UCC has been part of the European Student Card Project during its initial phase, joining in January 2017. 

ESC hologramIn UCC, this means the addition of the ESC holographic logo on the bottom right of Student ID cards.


European Student Card Website

How to APPLY

You must apply for External Membership of UCC Library using the application form below.

No fee applies for those approved under the European Student Card Scheme.

Please Note: External Readers Do Not have any access to UCC Library Electronic Resources.

External Reader Application Form