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Library Re-opening

UCC Library is committed to reopening both Boole and Brookfield libraries as soon as it is safe to do so: the safety of library users and staff is the chief guiding principle. Read more about our plans and schedule for re-opening our Libraries .

Please see our policies regarding re-opening here

Measuring your Publications' Impact: Publons

Find out how you can measure and monitor the impact of your publications

Publons Researcher Profiles

Publons is a new service from Clarivate Analytics since 2019, which brings publications listings, citation metrics, peer reviews and journal editing work into one profile. A large part of Publons is derived from ResearcherID profiles which authors could previously set up in Web of Science.  


Create a Publons Profile

To create your own profile, you should register with Publons. If you have previously registered with Web of Science or End Note, you will be able to use the same log in details. 

In Publons, you will be able to  

  • Import your publications from Web of Science, ORCID, your bibliographic reference manager (e.g. EndNote, Mendeley, bibtex) or CSV file.
  • Export publications to your ORCID profile 
  • Show your peer review and journal editing history.  These are verified by the journal publisher and can be set to automatically update.  
  • Correct any author attribution issues with Web of Science. 
  • Download your Publons profile to a report which might be useful for grant applications etc.