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Measuring your Publications' Impact: Scopus

Find out how you can measure and monitor the impact of your publications

Scopus Author Profiles

Your Scopus Author Profile is automatically created by the Scopus abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature.  It indexes over 22,000 titles which are primarily scholarly journals and conferences from more than 5,000 international publishers.  

The profile shows lists of your publications and classifies the areas that you publish in. It graphs citation metrics for those publications. It can also be linked with your ORCID profile by following the steps on the Connect to ORCID action in your Scopus profile.  This is useful for automatically updating your ORCID profile with new publications but also for associating your ORCID with your Scopus Author ID. 

Review your Scopus profile

Scopus uses an algorithim to match metadata from publications indexed in Scopus to an author’s profile. Since authors can publish with variant names and journals use different styles, some errors and omissions can occur in a profile. Multiple profiles can also be created when the algorithim doesn't match new publications to an existing author's profile. These profiles are publicly available, so you might want to review yours for accuracy. Simply search your name and most recent affiliation. 

You can review your profile and submit corrections where necessary using the Author Feedback Wizard or the Edit Profile action in your Scopus Profile.  It allows you to: 

  • Set a preferred name 
  • Merge profiles 
  • Add and remove publications
  • Update your affiliation