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Creating Exhibitions: Exhibition Cases

Case Types

There are three cases available: Two tall cases and one clam case. Each tall case has three shelves and the clam case has one shelf. 

Shelf off ground -  check heights!

Methods of Displaying Material

Items within the cases will be displayed on foam blocks or stands. Stands will only be used for modern books which are in good condition and if the book cover is being shown. In all other cases foam blocks will be used. 

In all cases material will only be chosen if it is in good condition as there are environmental considerations which must be factored when exhibiting paper. For more information on these environmental considerations please see here.

Exhibition Case Shelf

Tall exhibition case with examples of items within.In order to help with planning how much material can be placed on an exhibition case shelf the dimensions of the shelf can be provided.

Some material will only work on a lower shelf of a tall exhibition case as it may have to be placed at an angle. Not all material will be suitable for this.

As part of planning for audiences know that someone with a disability may view the cases. Ensure that material on a top shelf can be seen. The item on the left of this top shelf may not be viewable whereas the item in the middle is more readily viewable.


Using Replicas

Not all replica items can be included in an exhibition. In Collins Barracks this Viking ship is located outside. This bust of Dante was easily included in an exhibition case. For more information on the Dante exhibition see here.