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Creating Exhibitions: Writing & Editing


Who is your audience? Is it a general audience or is there specialised knowledge? In general write your material as if your audience is a 14 year old.

How much information will the average person read? The entire exhibition text should be no more than 1250 words with no more than 200 words on an exhibition storyboard! Each storyboard panel should be broken up into small paragraphs. 

There are opportunities and challenges that come with the various audience types!

Regarding fonts the design team will make suggestions for what type and size of font to use. This is to ease the reading experience as people generally view from about 2-3 feet away when reading storyboards.

Arrangement of Information

Objects and information panels are displayed in a context:

  • the choice of objects or panel
  • their place in the room or the case
  • their place in relation to each other
  • the interpretation that has been given.

Consider the dimensions and layout of the space and how many panels or objects can be included.

Writing Captions

Captions must be written for images on panels as well as in the exhibition cases. Captions are for identification purposes so should have no more than 75-100 words.

Captions fonts are usually a sans serif type and are size 12. 

Remember to acknowledge any items lent for the exhibition.

This caption was used for an exhibition on Casper Walter Rauh in 2016.

Example of paper caption used for Caspar Walter Rauh exhibition.