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Creating Exhibitions: Images & Material Selection

In-House Images

Photographing or scanning material from Special Collections & Archives can take time.

The book scanner in Special Collections & Archives may be used to create the requisite images where possible with each item.

Requesting Images

If images from other institutions are required please check the procedures for that institution as soon as the image choices are finalised.

This may depend on what the fee schedule for that institution is and these schedules vary. 

The time between requesting images and delivery of images can also vary and may take up to 6 weeks.


UCC Library can only use legally obtained photographs.

If you've taken the photographs and if people are present please ensure that you've received permission to use their image. 

Impediments to Choice

It may not be possible to use some items for the following reasons:

  • preservation requirements
  • suitability of items
  • availability - on loan to another exhibition

Types of Material

George Boole cube used during George Boole 200 celebrations.

The viewer responds in many different ways to an exhibition.

What ways provide context and point of view that invite the viewer to experience his or her own thoughts and feelings. Is this done through:

  • music
  • lighting
  • audio 
  • a film
  • timeline
  • Boole selfie
  • objects such as the Boole cube (as above)?

Part of the timeline used in The Life & Legacy of George Boole* 1815 - 2015.Screenshot of timeline used on George Boole 200 celerations.