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Creating Exhibitions: Marketing & Launch

Digital Estate

Use all the various platforms that are available to you:

  • UCC departmental, schools and colleges' social media platforms
  • personal accounts
  • relevant national and international professional associations.

Consider using a specific hashtag for tracking social media coverage.

UCC Library will include a slide of your choosing on the various digital signage library-wide.

Register your exhibition with UCC's Event Guide

Register promotion of your exhibition with UCC's digital estate group and members will advertise the launch.

Screenshot of Tweet showing level of engagement.

Events Programme

The events programme for Facing Pages: The Art of the Great Book was extensive and included poetry readings, master classes and talks. 

The Life and Legacy of George Boole 1815-2015 exhibition coincided with a great range of events.

Launching the Exhibition

The opening launch serves several purposes:

  • formally opens the exhibition
  • welcomes the public and your friends
  • deepens the viewer’s experience of the work
  • makes connections between the exhibition organisers and the community.

Inform the UCC community via All-Exchange-Users.  Do you have a mailing list of your friends, members of your organization, board members, alumni and so forth?

Will there be hospitality at the launch? Contact the people who manage the space to discuss any restrictions on serving refreshments at your reception.

Is there a table available for refreshments, or will you need to bring one? What is required of you in terms of cleanup? 

Is a photographer required to document the launch? This needs to be booked in advance. 

Know the schedule for people talking at the launch:

  • Introducing the exhibition
  • Introducing the person to open the exhibition
  • The exhibition opener

Consider having a post-launch lecture or having themed activity at the launch. At the launch of "Cervantes ‘Prince of Wits’ (1616 – 2016): Life, Work, Legacy” there was a guitarist playing Spanish music.

Guest Book

UCC Library can provide a visitors' comments book for the duration of the exhibition.

However this comments book will remain in UCC Library after the exhibition as part of that exhibition's archive.