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Creating Exhibitions: Funding


How much is at your disposal will inform the various choices you will make over the course of the exhibition. Things that will be affected will include:

  • Storyboards - number of them and how much design detail is present.
  • Title of Exhibition - this too may be a storyboard or perhaps you would like to use vinyl text.
  • Note: Storyboards are more expensive than vinyl text but storyboards are re-usable.
  • Images - all images have to be legally acquired. If you wish to use another institutions's image consider how much needs to be paid for  use of the image and how many times it is being used. Each institution has a different schedule of fees.
  • Brochures - these can give more or different content to what is on each storyboard or captions used within exhibition cabinets. Consider how they can be used or if they're really needed. They can be a great marketing tool.
  • Social Media: Are you going to manage the various social media? Will you hire someone to do it?
  • Launch: Do you want a photographer to document the launch? Will there be hospitality at the launch and who will manage it?

Please bear all these factors in mind before you consider creating an exhibition.

Sources of Funding

Images of money.



Consider the appropriate sources of funding:

  • Departmental funds within UCC's Colleges
  • College funds within UCC
  • Grants
  • Awards linked to anniversaries