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Food and Nutritional Science: Books & eBooks

A guide for food and nutritional sciences students to UCC library resources

How to Find a Book



Use the Library Catalogue to find books. Note:

  1. Location: what floor it is on
  2. Call number: where it is shelved - see the book's spine
  3. Status: is it available or currently on loan?

For help, see:

See also: How do I find a book?

Please ask us if you can't find the book you are looking for

Sourcing Books from Other Libraries

If you need a book that UCC Library does not have you can:

WorldCat: great free resource for discovering items held in other libraries.

Search for an item in libraries near you: >>

Recommend a Book for the Library

You can recommend a book for UCC Library to purchase. Click here and log in to your Library Account.

Books for Food Science

UCC Library uses the Dewey Decimal system.

Use the Library Catalogue to locate books.

You can search the catalogue below:


Most of UCC Library's eBooks can be located through the Library catalogue. A 'full text online' link is provided to the eBook,  for  example:


Book Cover     Book Cover

Woodhead Collection: Food


New Books

Would you like to be alerted by email to new books received in the Library in your subject area? Just log into your Library Account on the Library Catalogue and save your search. See the instructions for Preferred Searches and email alerts here.  

Handbooks and Encyclopedias

Handbook is a book containing a collection of passages important for reference or a compendium of information on a particular subject and, more recently, any book (usually but not necessarily concise) giving information such as facts on a particular subject, guidance in some art or occupation, instructions for operating a machine, or information for tourists. (OED, entry 83815)

An Encyclopaedia/Encyclopedia can be described as an elaborate and exhaustive repertory of information on all the branches of some particular art or department of knowledge; esp. one arranged in alphabetical order. (OED, entry 61848)

UCC Library has a diverse collection of  Handbooks and Encyclopedia's in various disciplines. Engineering Handbooks are shelved on Q+1. Click here to see a range of handbooks on food science.

For Encyclopedias on food science click here.