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Cartographic Visual: Getting Started

A variety of different types of map or visual print resources.

About the Collection

This collection has a variety of different types of map or visual print resources. The tabs at the top of the page will help you find:

All items from this collection must be used in the Rare Books Reading Room. Go to each tab to find out more about access, use and reprographics.

Contact Us

​All material is for use in Special Collections & Archives only. It cannot be used elsewhere in the library or borrowed. Most material has to be requested in advance: 

Special Collections & Archives: 

Special Collections & Archives: 021 490 2282.

Please use the dedicated email and phone number:

  • To request books, theses and more
  • To reserve a machine for using microform
  • Queries about the collections

Special Collections & Archives is located in Q-1, Boole Library, UCC.

Contact Elaine Harrington, Special Collections Librarian.

Contact Emer Twomey, Archivist, UCC Library.

Collection Highlights

IE BL/CV/TP/CORK/20 Glengariff Castle

IE BL/CV/TP/CORK/20 Glengariff Castle

Topographical Prints Collection

Pacific Overtures - or - a Flight from St Cloud's - over the Water to Charley - a new Dramatic Peace now Rehearsing

IE BL/CV/PolP/N/12 Pacific Overtures - or - a Flight from St Cloud's - over the Water to Charley - a new Dramatic Peace now Rehearsing

Political Prints Collection

IE BL/CV/PortP/Parnell/1 Charles Stewart Parnell, M.P.

IE BL/CV/PortP/Parnell/1 Charles Stewart Parnell, M.P.

Portrait Prints Collection

BL/CV/PhT/Italy/Florence/2 FIRENZE – La Cattedrale da Or S. Michele

Topographical Photographs Collection

IE BL/CV/PolP/Military/6 France XVIIIe Siecle

IE BL/CV/PolP/Military/6 France XVIIIe Siecle

Military Prints Collection

IE BL/CV/TP/ITALY/ROME/11 St. Peter's Church

IE BL/CV/TP/ITALY/ROME/11 St. Peter's Church

Topographical Prints Collection

BL/CV/PhPort/Egypt/1 Indigene du Caire

Portrait Photographs Collection

Guide to Terms & Dates

Below is a list of terms and abbreviations users may encounter when consulting prints.

Term Abbreviations Meaning
Delineavit del., delt., delint. Drawn by
Direxit dir., direx. Print by
Designavit dis. Designed by
Engraved engd., engrd. Engraved by
Faciebat fect., fecit. Made by
Impressit imp., impt. Printed by
Incidebat inc. Engraved by
Invenit inv., invd. Originally drawn by
Lithographed lith., litho., lithog. Lithographed by
Pinxit pinx., pinxt. Painted by
Plate pl., pla. Plate number
Published pub., pubd., publ. Published by
Sculpsit sc., sculp., sculpt. Engraved by

Below is a short list of notations that have been used for dating prints.

Date Type Symbol Examples Description
After date + 1850+, [1850+] Used to indicate the print was produced after the date provided
Approximate date(s) c. (circa) c.1850, [c.1850] Used to indicate the print is from a possible span of five years before or after the date provided
Date range - 1850-1855 Used to indicate the print (or the source it came from) was produced over a span of years
Derived date(s) [ ] [1850] Used to indicate the date (and/or other information) provided is not identified on the print but was obtained from a secondary source
Uncertain date(s) ? ?1850, [?1850] Used to indicate there is uncertainty about the date provided
Undated n.d. n.d. Used to indicate that a date cannot be determined, either from the print or through a secondary source

Opening Hours

January 2022: Special Collections & Archives will be open Monday-Friday (excluding public holidays) to UCC staff and students, and members of the public. Individual Reading Room opening hours are as follows:

  • Reference Reading Room & Microform Room: Monday-Friday: 11:00-16:30 
  • Rare Books Reading Room: Monday-Friday: 11:00-13:00 & 14:00-16:30.

31 January – 13 May 2022: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 11:00-16:30 and Wednesday: 11:00-19:15. Check website for individual room openings.  

For more information about what items must be requested and to request them via the online request form see Request Special Collections & Archives.

In addition we continue offering:

  • Scan & Deliver for Special Collections' material including items in the Reference Reading Room, Microform and items that show Special Collections by Request / Special Collections by Appointment on the library catalogue.
  • Reprographic requests for manuscripts & archival material via

Every effort will be made to fulfil scan & deliver / reprographic types of requests, but this may not always be possible due to availability, copyright restrictions, size and condition of materials.

If you have any queries relating to our collections please email This email address is monitored regularly.