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Library Essentials: Borrow / Return

Borrowing Entitlements.

Membership Category Number of Items
Undergraduates 6
Masters & Postgraduate Diploma Students 10
Doctoral Postgraduate Students 12
Staff 25
External Readers 4 (no short loan items)

Item Type Loan Period
Standard Loan  2 weeks
Short Loan (U prefix & yellow label) 1 week
Reference (R prefix) Cannot be borrowed
High Demand (blue label) 4 hours (stays in building)
DVD (N prefix) 3 days


Standard & Short Loan Items  -  50 cent per day

High Demand  -  1 euro per hour

NOTE: You will not be allowed borrow a book if you owe €5 or more.

How to Return a Book.

Boole Library: Automatic Returns Unit

To the right of the Library & IT Desk in the Boole Library

1. Touch the start button on the screen to initiate the process.

returns unit

2. Place the item, barcode facing up and away from you, on the bed and let the conveyor belt take it in. 

returns unit with book

If you put the next item on the bed too quickly the screen will turn red and the book will be ejected. This will also happen if the book is not facing in the right direction.

3. When you've finished just touch the "press here to quit" button.

Outside of Opening Times: Use the Book Bin in the Quadrangle Reading Room. You will need your Smartcard to enter this room.

High Demand books: return these in the High Demand room.

Brookfield: Please use the self-issue machines and book bins or call to the Service Desk.

How to Borrow a Book

Use a self-issue machine

Boole Library: 3 on the ground floor near the elevators, 1 on the second floor near the Information Point.

Brookfield Library: 2 near Service Desk.

Scan your Smartcard barcode under the red light. This activates your Library Account.

scanning library card

Place the item you wish to borrow in the V with the barcode on the front cover facing up.

Slide the book away from you so that the barcode is scanned by the red beam.

scanning book







If the book scans correctly a green box will appear on the screen and the machine will make a "thunk" sound. The title etc. of the book will appear on the screen.

When you have finished checking out all items press the "touch here to end"  button to get a receipt with the due dates shown, or email a receipt to yourself. 

Remember, if you have overdue books, you will receive an "unresolved issues" message and you will have to ask a member of staff for help.

How To Find A Book