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Library Essentials: Exam Papers

The Library offers a huge range of service and supports. Please see the options below to discover the wide range of options and services available to you.

Exam Papers

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The Library publishes copies of past exam papers in an online version. Please read the details below about accessing these papers.

Accessing Exam Papers Online

Access to past Examination Papers Online (2017-2023) is available to registered students and staff of UCC. You can search by module number or by season/date. 

If you are accessing exam papers from off campus, you will be prompted to log in using your UCC credentials:

  • UCC Students: Your username is your student number and your password is your Student IT Password
  • UCC Staff: Your username is your email address and your password is your email password

Please note: External Readers do not have access to online resources.

           View the Past Papers Here

Should you require any assistance in retrieving Past Exam Papers, it is recommended that you contact the relevant Module coordinator in the first instance. For all other queries, please contact us at