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Library Essentials: Reserve a Book

The Library offers a huge range of service and supports. Please see the options below to discover the wide range of options and services available to you.

Reserve a Book

You can reserve / request / place a hold on an item if it is checked out to another person or if it is located in the Library Store.

If an item is checked out to someone else.

When you look for an item in the Library Catalogue and the status shows a due date then the item is checked out to someone else.

 Click on the "request" button  to activate the request function.

request button

You will then have to log in to your Library Account

Once you have logged in, confirm the request by clicking on the "Request Selected Item"  button.

request selected item button

The person who has borrowed the item will receive an email asking them to return it. As soon as it is returned you will receive an email telling you it is available for collection.

If you request an item from Boston Scientific Health Sciences Library in Brookfield, it will be held at the desk in that library.  

If an item is located in Store:

Older editions of titles and book that are not in demand may be moved to Store.  If the item shows location "Store request required" it means it is located off-campus in our store facility.

You can request the item by clicking on the request button and following the same instructions as above.

When the item has been retrieved from store you will receive an email letting you know it is available for collection. 

You can also ask a member of staff to reserve / request a book for you.