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Library Essentials: Print/Copy/Scan

Printing, Photocopying and Scanning in UCC

Pay Printing is in operation in all Open Access Student IT Centres including Libraries.

For full details of these services please check out the Student IT website below.

Printing & Photocopying in UCC Library

To print or copy, you will need a Smartcard with enough credit on it.  Top up your card online or at the cash machine (notes only) in the Q Floor Photocopy Room of the Boole Library and in the cafe in Boston Scientific Health Sciences Library in Brookfield. 

Printing is networked so you can print from any IT Services PC in any location within the Boole and Brookfield Libraries. 

Collect any print jobs within 6 hours, or they'll be deleted.

Wireless printing is also available for those who have already set up this function on their device.

There is more information on the Smartcard Office website.

Location of MFDs ( Multifunctional Devices)

 12 in the Copy Room on Q floor

 3 in the Copy Room on Q+2 and 4 on Q+3.

 2 in Boston Scientific Health Sciences Library, Brookfield.

You can also retrieve print jobs in any of the IT Services Labs around campus.

Charges per page

Page Size Printing Photocopying

A4 B&W

A3 B&W * 

6¢ per page 

14¢ per page

6¢ per page 

20¢ per page 

A4 Colour *

A3 Colour * 

20¢ per page 

40¢ per page 

20¢ per page 

30¢ per page

* *Colour & A3 printing & copying are available in the Q and Q+3 copy rooms only, and in the basement room in Brookfield.

To print in colour from an IT Services Student PC, choose "SIT Print extra formats colour" at the file /print stage.

How to save money on Printing

Always “Print Preview” before printing and then choose which pages you really want - some web pages are made up of different frames (boxes) and each one prints on a separate page.

Scanning in UCC Library


Scanning to USB is available on all MFDs at no cost. 

  •     Insert USB key
  •     Place document to scan on the device
  •     Select Workflow Scanning
  •     Select USB template
  •     Press the green button to scan document


Please read the notices displayed near the photocopiers in the library. You can also read the Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000 for further details or consult the paper copy in the Law Library, Q+2.