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Library Essentials: Find a Book

The Library offers a huge range of service and supports. Please see the options below to discover the wide range of options and services available to you.

Search the Library Catalogue


The Library Catalogue is a listing of most hardcopy resources that the Library holds, as well as listing UCC’s eBook titles.

1. Type your search terms into the dialogue box and you will receive a list of results.


Example of the type of result you might get back, showing bibliographic and location details:

2. Note the LOCATION and CALL# of the book and go to the relevant floor 

3. Check the end-of-range signs and find the range that has this CALL No. 

4. Follow the spine labels of the books in numerical, then alphabetical order to find the book you need.

Prefixes on CALL Numbers

 U           Short loan, one week and has a yellow label

 f             Folio – large books, shelved separately on each floor.

 p            Pamphlet – very slim item, shelved in main collection

 R           Reference, library use only. Will have a reference sticker on front

 M           Music Score, library use only and shelved near the AV area on Q+3

 N           DVD or CD and shelved in the AV area on Q+3 

 DM        Research Masters thesis, library use only and kept in Q-1 Special Collections

 DP         Doctoral thesis, library use only and kept in Special Collections Q-1

 HS         Brookfield Health Sciences Library


  • Books in Special Collections have the collection name in front of the call number e.g. 

Lynch 340.1 OCON,  TT 759.3 NORT and are for library use only.

  • Books in Official Publications, located on Q+2 after the Law Journals, have the prefixes IRL, NI, UK, EDC and INT and are for library use only.

Find a Book on the Shelf

We have developed a searchable map of the library to help you find a books location. 


Find the Call Number of the book you wish to find and this tool will show you where it's shelf is in the Library.

Dewey Decimal Classification System

The Library uses the  Dewey Decimal System of Classification (DDC) for subject classification, which ensures that items are physically arranged in a logical sequence. 

In the Boole Library the main collections are distributed across the three upper floors as follows:

Q+1  Science, Engineering & Food Science

  500 - 599  General Sciences

  600 - 699  Applied Sciences (Technology)

Q+2  Business, Social Sciences, Law.

  000 - 099  Generalities & Computing

  100 - 199   Philosophy & Psychology 

  200 - 299   Religion

  300 - 399   Social Sciences

  340 - 349   Law

  400 - 499   Languages,  including  Language Dictionaries.

Q+3  Arts, Humanities, Multi-Media

  700 - 799   The Arts

  800 - 899   Literature & Rhetoric

  900 - 999   Geography & History

In Boston Scientific Health Sciences Library - Brookfield,  books are arranged according to the Dewey Decimal system but the majority of them lie within the Medicine subject range. i.e. 610 - 619.