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Special Collections' & Archives' Subject Support: Academic Staff: Why Use Special Collections & Archives?

How Special Collections can help you with your research, teaching, learning & assignments.

Teaching & Learning

Our diverse collections of rare and unique printed books and manuscripts can be used to support teaching within the University.

Teaching sessions can be conducted independent of Special Collections & Archives' staff within Special Collections & Archives' spaces or, if requested Special Collections & Archives' staff can provide introductory information for using rare books and manuscript archives or specific "show and tell" explorations which draw on individual items of interest to enhance the learning experience. We also help to deliver hands-on group sessions with material from our unique collections of archives, manuscripts, rare books and objects.

In each case it is difficult for us to provide in-depth training and support on a one-to one basis without prior notice. Please contact the relevant person to set up a session tailored to your needs:

For Your Consideration

Special Collections Engaging With UCC's Community

2023: Read the summer edition of the Office of the Vice President for Learning & Teaching in UCC to discover how we connect with groups of Transition Year students, 3rd year undergraduates studying English and MA students studying Medieval History. "Bringing Special Collections and Archives into the Classroom"  (pp.19-20).

Left: The Salvage Press printing of Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal: For Preventing the Children of Poor People from being a Burthen to their Parents, Or the Country, and for Making them Beneficial to the Publick. Accompanied by a suite of nine new poems by Jessica Traynor; lithographs scratched into the stone by David O'Kane; introduced by Andrew Carpenter. (2017)

Top right: CACSSS' Corvinus Transition Year students examining original and facisimile maps of Cork from Civitates orbis Terrarum (1618). The activity builds on an earlier 2020 online exhibition by students completing the MA in Medieval History.

Lower right: ‘Abbey of Dromahaire, Co Leitrim’ from Francis Grose's The Antiquities of Ireland (1791). This print was used in creating an online student exhibition by MA students of History: Franciscans in Medieval Ireland: Sources.

2017: Listen to Elaine Harrington, UCC Library's Special Collections Librarian discussing how Special Collections works with academic departments on Shush! Sounds from UCC Library. Read the complementary blog post to the interview on The River-side

Presentations on Using Special Collections & Archives

We consider what guides us in teaching & learning and how that can impact any person coming to Special Collections. For this we refer to Bass (1999)

  • Which learning outcome is the one thing that students would retain from this [module] after leaving?
  • Could I honestly say that I spent the most amount of time in the [module] teaching to the goal I valued most?

Part of our teaching philosophy is that we are committed to sharing our current knowledge and desire to continue to learn. To this end we present at conferences and seminars.