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Special Collections' & Archives' Subject Support: Languages

How Special Collections can help you with your research, teaching, learning & assignments.

Introduction to Languages Resources

Special Collections & Archives have a wide range of sources to assist research on languages, literatures and culture. These vary dependent on the language being studied and vary from collections donated by individuals to thematic collections such as Transmissions & Transformations of the Ancient World.


  • Byrne Costigan: Ethna Byrne Costigan (1904-1991) was Professor of Romance Languages in UCC (1939-1969). We also hold a small collection of Byrne Costigan academic papers created by found during the cataloguing of her library.
  • Older Printed Books
  • O'Flaherty-Servais: Kathleen O'Flaherty (1916-1994) was a lecturer and professor (1930s, 1970 – 1982) in UCC's Department of French. Yvonne Servais (?- 1994) was also a lecturer (1953- 1982) in the same department.
  • The Ryan of Inch Collection: 18th & 19th century letters and military awards in French to various members of the Ryan family.


Spanish, Portuguese and Latin Studies:

  • Cooke: William Cooke (1865-1955) was the first lecturer (1911-1938) in the Department of Spanish at UCC.
  • Older Printed Books
  • Sexton: Lieut.-Col. Sexton, a graduate of UCC and surgeon in the Indian Medical Service, donated many items including a number of items to UCC from 1889 onwards.
  • The Ryan of Inch Collection: 18th century Spanish documents related to the employment of Don Jorge Rian or George Ryan (1748-1805) with the Spanish Government. Sent to live with an uncle in Spain when 9, he accompanied his widowed aunt and her second husband to Peru aged 16, and in 1770 he was appointed Sergeant Major of the regiment of Militia of Guanta.


Heritage Week - Matters French: An Online Exhibition

Caussin, Nicolas. The Holy Court, in five books. Trans. Thomas Hawkins. Corke: Printed and sold by Eugene Swiney, 1767.

Languages Course Guides

All PDF documents are available as Word documents. Please contact should this be required.


Philipp Andreas Nemnich (1764–1822) was a German lexicographer. In 1799 he compiled a commercial dictionary in twelve languages, the Waaren-lexicon (Dictionary of wares) of 1797-1802. In parallel with this dictionary he compiled an edition for publication in England: Universal European Dictionary of Merchandise: in the English, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish and Latin Languages.